Hi, my name is
Im a Fullstack Developer my main skillset is UI/UX design for the web
Made with Figma

Vidoo Video is a new way to communicate with your co-workers , freinds and even conferences.

Made with Sketch Rival CMS

Rival CMS was something i designed for a project we eventually abanonded due to other commitments

CRM Made with Sketch

CRM dashboard built for a client in as part of a project between myself and the lead designer for company.

What people think 👉


Michael Brooks

"Daniel makes great designs, employ him mate"

Adam Wood

"Dan's alright"

David Thorpe

"Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (said my mother)! Dan may look like just a humble designer, but he brings a unique level of style and thinking to the design process. I would rate him 12 / 10 (that’s really good).”"

Oliver Sarfas

"for a brummy, he'll do"

About me

Im currently a Developer at Scc , Most of my spare time outside of work is spent with my family or working on Sideprojects :). My new blog discusses how others are working in the current climate and how they have adapted with Covid-19 in the front of the worlds mind.